Wednesday, December 10, 2014

House roads bill would cost OPS amost $1.9 million per year

One of the issues with the most traction in this year's lame duck session of the Michigan legislature is funding road repair.  That repair could come at a high price to schools.

As we have previously reported, the House plan to fund road repair would shift the way gas is taxed in Michigan so that tax revenue would go into the general fund instead of the School Aid Fund.  Okemos Parents for Schools, December 5, 2014.  In short, the House plans is to pay for roads by cutting schools. 

MLive has compiled a database which projects how much the House plan would cost each school per year.  The price tag for Okemos? $1,898,575.00 per year.  Check the MLive date base here: MLive, December 10, 2014.

Here are some price tags for neighboring communities as calculated by MLive:
  • Haslett - $1,298,175.00 per year
  • East Lansing - $1,645,875.00 per year
  • Lansing - $ 5,669,600.00 per year
  • Holt - $ 2,747,400.00 per year
  • Grand Ledge $ 2,400,650.00 per year
  • Williamston $854,525.00 per year
  • Mason $1,471,075.00 per year

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